Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DIY Tape Dispenser using a Ryobi Trim Router

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diy tape dispenser

Forever trying to organize my work space and wanting to use the new Ryobi One+ Trim Router I made this tape dispenser and I'm sharing the free plans with you.  This is just one project idea you can make using the Ryobi Trim Router, this little tool packs quite a punch!

Ryobi trim router

I first got my hands on the trim router at The Home Depot Tool ProSpective event back in April:

Jaime using Ryobi trim router

See how this router fits into my hands!  It may be small but it's 29,000 RPM motor is super fast and efficient.  Plus it's outfitted with a LED light you can see it up above illuminating the wood board.

trim router with guides

I used the trim router to make the grooves in this tape dispenser.  First I set up a guide, you could go freehand but I don't trust myself and since this router really has a ton of power I didn't want it to get away from me.  

grooves made with trim router

This palm size router is very easy to use out of the box.  It's got a quick release lever to adjust the bit depth in addition to a micro-adjusting dial for really precise settings.  Plus it uses the same 18V Ryobi One+ batteries that you already have for other Ryobi tools.

trim router quick release

I used a 3/4" straight bit but you might consider this basic bit set with lots of options for various projects.

tape dispenser with removable inserts

The routed groove holds the dowel in place so the tape is able to spin.  It also allows you to easily pull out the tape roll making it portable.

I saw this project here and wanted to make it for myself plus I drew up free plans below so you can make it too!

tape roll insert

See the detailed step by step plans here.  I recommend measuring the interior of your tape rolls prior to cutting the inserts.

tape dispenser free plans

Click here for a printable PDF version of the tape dispenser plans.

diy tape dispenser free plans

Want more details, pros, cons, specs and project ideas for the Ryobi One+ Cordless Trim Router?

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